Post-pandemic. Are you planning ahead for a solid recovery?

The thumbnail version:

  • Pandemic has had a severe impact on the industry
  • Shops will have to focus on certain drivers in the coming recovery

The full version:

Martin Schoeppler, CEO and president of Fujifilm Dimatix, writing for Sign Media Canada, explores the state of the industry after the impact of COVID-19 and how the post-pandemic industry will be different from before.

He includes mention of sign companies diversifying into textiles but we’ve already addressed that extensively here, so no need to do it again. However, the conclusion to his article is worth paying some attention to . . .

“It is evident the pandemic has had a severe impact on the printing industry at large; however, the author’s company and its customers are already firmly focused on the drivers that will enable a solid recovery. The voices heard form the field are indications of what is to come; advanced and innovative technology, customized customer service, and service dexterity, which will continue to be the foundations of an effective response in gaining a competitive advantage even during this challenging period.”

Planning the post-pandemic recovery.

If the bigger players in the industry are already “firmly focused on the drivers that will enable a solid recovery”, shouldn’t we all be?

From a small sign shop’s perspective, the key items mentioned as part of the recovery are “customized customer service” and “service dexterity.” These are elements that even the smallest shop with very limited resources can deliver in the post-pandemic world to ensure survival and growth.

Are you focused on the drivers that will enable a solid recovery?