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  • Roland supports startups and small shops
  • Roland’s website is a good resource for advice

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It’s interesting to hear from Roland that many of their customers are business startups. And, as they quite correctly point out, being capable of starting a business that creates and produces great graphics is one thing, but being able to promote that business and generate sales is an entirely different thing.

To Roland’s credit, they don’t just offer advice on technical matters, they also from time to timeĀ  publish useful non-technical information to help with the business aspect of a small shop. The most recent such article on the Roland site is titled, “Advertisement and Promotional Design Advice for Business Startups” The title is a little misleading because even if you’ve been in business for some time, the advice could benefit you too.

It includes advice on all aspects of the preparation of promotional material such as: creating an eye-catching headline; copywriting; and designing.

We don’t have room here to explore the topic in depth. For the details you need to read the article on Roland’s site; it’s good stuff.