Protecting your customers’ data

The thumbnail version:

  • There are plenty of bad guys trying to get their hands on your customers’ information.
  • You have an obligation to protect it.

The full version:

Protect your customers’ information from this guy

If you gather customer data—few can operate at all without doing this—you have an obligation to protect it. And in today’s digital world, that can be easier said than done. Nevertheless, it doesn’t relieve you of the obligation.

Courier recently published a good paper with various ways in which you can protect your customers’ data. We just have space for an overview here—you really need to explore the topic in more detail.

  1. Understand what data you’re dealing with.
  2. Understand the laws you’re subject to.
  3. Secure your WiFi network and passwords.
  4. Encourage use of a VPN by staff when using any kind of public WiFi.
  5. Install the right anti-malware and anti-virus tools.
  6. Make it someone’s responsibility to stay on top of online security.
  7. Communicate to your customers what information you collect and why.
  8. Educate your employees in spotting scams, password security etc.
  9. Back up your data offsite.
  10. Prepare for the worst in case an attack happens, have expertise on standby.
  11. Keep updating your software.

Being aware of the above measures is a start. You have work to do.