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  • If the market doesn’t know your shop exists, it can’t do business with it.
  • Publicity is essential.

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This is not a new topic, but it’s an important one—publicity for your shop.

It’s just common sense, the more widely you promote your shop, the more it will be known, and the more it is known, the more likely you are to attract business.

And publicity doesn’t have to be costly. For instance, magazines like Sign Media will publish stories about your shop and it’s more interesting work. But the media isn’t the only avenue for publicity. There are many creative things you can do to attract publicity for your shop, all you have to do is commit to giving the matter some thought.

We all have different comfort levels but you may try pushing a bit beyond your comfort level for the sake of publicity, However, you might not want to do something as extreme as Richard Branson when he was filmed water skiing with a naked woman clinging to his back as a publicity stunt. That kind of thing may not fall within your comfort level, but there are things you can do to publicize your shop well within your comfort level. It does however require a commitment and some creativity.

If the market doesn’t know that your shop exists, it can’t do business with it.