Rewarding employees with time off

The thumbnail version:

  • Employees are stressed after almost a year and a half of pandemic precautions
  • The end is not yet in sight
  • You can help provide relief by rewarding time

The full version:

Thanks to the pandemic in particular, your employees have been dealing with elevated stress levels at work and at home. And for now, in most jurisdictions, the stress of working in masks, social distancing, and dealing with customers just as irritated as everyone else, all in increasing summer heat, is going to go on for some time.

And while some jurisdictions are rushing to lift restrictions, remember that the recent pattern has been for spikes in new COVID-19 infections to follow relaxed restrictions. This is discouraging and only compounds the stress on people.

Time . . . Your to give

So how do you deal with this and reward employees, especially when the shop’s budget is under strain and trying to recover from eighteen months of pandemic?  Time off. Time is the one commodity you have to give and it’s a commodity always appreciated.

Here are some ideas:

  • Provide an extra break.
  • Give the occasional two-hour lunch and perhaps order in pizza or a dessert.
  • Give two-hour lunch one day a week for a month.
  • Give a day off.
  • Give a three-day weekend.
  • In an exceptional case give a week off.

You can probably think of many more ways to use time to help your employees in the current stressful circumstances.