Roland has updated VersaWorks

The thumbnail version:

  • Version 6.12.2 now available.

The full version:

Roland has updated VersaWorks (6.12.2) to change some items and add others. First of all, the remaining media length has been added for roll-to-roll devices under “Media Status”. This means that if you set the media length when you load a roll, VersaWorks will now show you the remaining length. Another addition is the file name of your job to the “Job Property Label” section of  the job settings. This allows you to add the file name to your annotation during printing.

Changes include the relocation of the “Overprint” function from the “Print controls” to the “Quality” section, and the ink quantity unit of measure from cubic centimeters (cc) to milliliters (ml).

It’s these kinds announcements that make an occasional visit to the Roland website a must. Getting the most out of your equipment with the latest software updates makes business sense.