Roland quick-cleaning tips (it’s important)

Roland has some important tips for keeping your printer working smoothly. And it’s not just about when the operator is at the shop; it’s also about making use of the time that the machine is not working when the operator is away. This may be for short periods over a weekend or particularly for longer periods when the shop shuts down for vacation.

The components can clog if the printer is left idle for a long period. This will of course result in downtime to clean the machine is when you have a job to run. It could also result in damage to nozzles and other sensitive parts. The remedy for this is to manually clean the the equipment at regular intervals, before it breaks down.

But what of those longer absences from  the shop? Well, those are ideal times to enable Roland’s printing and plotting equipment’s automatic cleaning feature to do its thing. If you turn off the machine at the front panel but leave the primary power source on at the back, the automatic maintenance will kick in.

And while you’re taking good care of your Roland equipment, don’t overlook covering it to keep dust and other dirt off.

Amazing what useful information you can find on the Roland site, don’t you think?