Roland VersaWorks 6.13.1 update

The thumbnail version:

  • As we have said before, regular visits to Roland’s website is a good idea.
  • Go there now for a detailed update on VersaWorks 6.13.1

The full version:

Staying up to date on technological advances is a must for any shop serious about maintaining an edge on the competition. If you have Roland equipment then a regular visit to their website is time well spent.

The latest reason to visit Roland’s site is to read about five features included in the upgrade of VersaWorks to version 6.13.1. Read about:

  1. Printer search
  2. Perforated sheet cutting for VG3
  3. ZIP compressed file compatibility
  4. Variation printing
  5. Nearest colour finder

A progressive shop can’t exist in a technical vacuum.