Roland’s advice for cleaning your DTG printer

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  • Stuff you need to know if you have or are thinking of buying the Roland BT-12
  • Cleaning DTG printers is essential
  • White ink and fiber build-up are particular issues

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Roland’s BT-12 direct-to-garment printer.

The Roland BT-12 DTG printer is CMYK only and therefore easier to maintain. But it must be maintained. For instance, white inks require daily cleaning because the titanium dioxide can settle and plug up the print heads. Fiber builds up as well and needs to be cleaned away.

The machine has a sensor that will alert you when a routine cleaning is needed and can apparently trigger at any point between about 50 prints to 200 prints. And trying to trick the machine into thinking that you’ve cleaned it without actually having done so, does not work. It will not budge until cleaned.

With the BT-12 it is important to follow the machine’s prompts and not take any shortcuts. Follow the cleaning menu. If you need the details about the recommended cleaning materials, check out the Roland DGA site.

And finally, if the machine has been idle for three months or longer you need to use cleaning cartridges, one for each ink slot.