Roland’s VersaWorks and the TR2 ink upgrade

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  • Roland is phasing out TR INK.
  • The TR2 upgrade process may give a VersaWorks error message
  • The fix is easy

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Roland is phasing out TR INK and replacing it with the superior TR2 inks. Aside from an improved ink, they’re promising you improved machine performance as well.

However, the TR2 upgrade process, while smooth for most operators, can result in VersaWorks giving the following error message: “The printer connected differs from the one being used. Please select the correct model and ink type or verify the port settings.”

If this happens, Roland recommends that you follow this procedure after you have saved any files, settings or profiles you may have built in VersaWorks in order to restore them if lost during the initialization: 

  1. Close out VersaWorks
  2. Reintilaize the application using the following steps:
    • Drive to the file ‘C:Program Ffiles/versaworks/versainit
    • Run the versainit
    • You will get a prompt to initialize the apploication. Click “Yes”.
  3. Once the initialization is complete, restart VersaWorks and re-add the printer.

VerasWorks should now recognize your pinter.

This information is available on the Roland DGA website. If you have any doubts at all about this procedure, please Contact Rob at Stanley’s Edmonton office (780 424 4141) or Graham at Stanley’s Calgary office (403 243 7722) for guidance.