Here’s a situation you may have run into or may still run into. What’s the best way to handle it?

You may have a long-standing customer who approaches you about, say, digital signage. Now you may not do digital signage and know nothing about it but that’s no reason to get ulcers. It’s not necessarily a big problem just because digital signage is not your thing, not one of your shop’s core competencies.

If you’re afraid  that turning them down flat may cost you a customer for the stuff you usually supply, there is another alternative. Consider outsourcing. You could strike an outsourcing deal with a shop that specializes in digital signage. Obviously you’re going to research potential shops carefully and find one you can work with and who is willing to work with you.

Pull this off and you would have retained a customer for the stuff you do and the stuff you don’t do, in this case, digital signage.