Your sign business can start with a Roland, but that’s not enough . . .

What can you and your Roland put on this?

So you have a Roland printer-cutter and you’ve discovered that you can produce great signs with it. Now what? Do you wait for customers to beat a path to your door? And what if they don’t? Unless you’re in extraordinarily fortunate circumstances they’re not going to beat a path to your door — you have to go out and find them.

And finding customers often means showing them that they’ve always needed what you can provide, they just didn’t know it. Here’s an example . . .

I know a coffee shop owner who has a lot of difficulty attracting new customers. Part of the reason is that even people walking by don’t notice the coffee shop because the landlord insists that all the tenants have the same black and white awnings and name signs — it’s hard to be noticeable. There are of course ways she can attract attention and one of them is to place a sandwich board to alert passers-by that they’re outside a coffee shop. I don’t need to tell you how effective a sandwich board can be if it’s eye-catching, and what’s more eye-catching than a funny quote or expression?

So in this case, if  a sign shop approached the owner with an offer to rotate a series of sandwich boards outside her coffee shop, say weekly, I suspect she’d go for it. From the sign printer’s perspective it could be expanded to include coffee shops around the city (obviously not competitors on the same street) and the signs could be rotated among them.

A quick search yielded some great examples of sandwich board material for coffee shops:

  • “We don’t speak Pig Latin, Klingon or Starbucks. Please order a small, medium or large”.
  • “Depresso; the feeling you get when you run out of coffee”.
  • “Hello darkness, my old friend.” (Accompanied by an image of a black coffee).
  • “We are open. Coffee awaits.”
  • “You’re going to do amazing things today but you need a cup of coffee first.”
  • “Coffee dealers and local milk pushers.”

Sandwich boards like these are bound to attract attention, a smile and business. And why limit the idea to coffee shops?  But you have to give it some thought, be creative, and get out there and find work for your Roland.