Sign industry is poised for growth in 2017. Is your shop?

The outlook for 2017 seems to be good for the sign industry.

The outlook for 2017 seems to be good for the sign industry.

According to Sign Media reporting on the latest quarterly economic report of the International Sign Association, 2017 should see growth that will make it a better year than 2016.

Four segments of the industry are assessed in the report- wide-format printing, electric signs, digital signage and architectural signs. All “are expected to show growth well above historic patterns through 2017 and even into 2018.”

According to the Sign Media article, static signage is expected to return to the levels before the early-2016 decline. And electric and digital signs are showing growth with an expected increase in 2016 of over 12 percent over 2015. This optimistic outlook holds good for architectural signs too, and demand is expected to remain strong through 2018.

All-in-all this sounds encouraging for the industry overall. The report was compiled by research firms IHS and Vandiver and Associates and sponsored by the national Association of Sign Supply Distributors. Further details are availablke from the 25th October 2016 edition of Sign Media.