Sign industry to grow in 2017 – it’s the ‘why’ that’s interesting.

Ooooh! Looks good for 2017 in the sign industry!

In the December issue of Sign Media it was reported that the 2017 looked bright for the sign industry in North America. This includes wide-format printed graphics, electric signs, digital signage, and architectural signs. In fact, it’s forecast that they will all grow well above historical patterns on into 2018.

This is all good news of course. But it helps to understand the reasons for the optimism in case it can provide insight into one’s own market and can help maximise one’s productivity. Well, the prime influencer of growth is still the overall economy and in North America the outlook is said to be relatively stable. However, more interesting than that are reasons that might shape some sign shops’ business models.

The first of these reasons is an apparent rising importance of signage within the economy. The article also suggests that customers have an increasing awareness of the role visual graphics can have in helping them sell, inform, and direct. Reading between the lines, it seems that this is at least partly fuelled by new products, technologies and applications in the sign industry. What this could mean for individual shops is that keeping up with technological advancements is a key to growth.

The article is well worth reading as it goes into a lot of detail in support of the growth predictions and provides clues that might affect projected business models.