Sign industry trends affecting big and small shops

The thumbnail version:

  • COVID-19 is giving rise to changes in the industry
  • Bigger shops are thinking smaller
  • Smaller shops are thinking bigger

The full version:

Big and small shops eyeing changes

COVID-19’s persistence is having an impact on the industry, perhaps a permanent impact. Roland is reporting some interesting changesĀ  that you should know about.

They say that some of the bigger shops are redirecting resources to niche personalization services such as face masks and T-shirts while the smaller end shops are upgrading their equipment to print larger applications. Smaller shops are now expanding into floor graphics and signage for canopies and outdoor dining. This is an interesting trend that can be described as . . . Bigger shops thinking smaller and smaller shops thinking bigger.

How is your shop adapting to the changes in the lingering COVID-19 environment?