Sign industry trends that should not be ignored

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  • Feedback from the industry can be very useful
  • This kind of information can influence your planning

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Survey results can teach us a lot about the industry.

Sign Media Canada reported on a Keypoint Intelligence—InfoTrends survey of over 300 companies in the sign industry. Some of the results are worth taking note of if you’re interested in where the industry is right now and where it is headed.

For instance, how does your experience square with these answers:

  Is wide printing format increasing for your shop?:

  • Yes: 69%
  • Staying the same: 28%
  • Decreasing: 3%

What do you regard as your highly profitable applications?:

  • Banners: 55%
  • Vehicle graphics: 53%
  • Signs: 51%
  • Wallpaper/interiors: 49%
  • Window graphics: 48%
  • Textiles for soft signage: 39%
  • Backlit displays: 37%
  • Industrial products: 37%
  • Floor graphics: 33%
  • Sports Apparel: 27%

Are customer demands for quicker turnaround increasing?:

  • Yes: 79%
  • Staying the same: 19%
  • Decreasing or don’t know: 2%

This the kind of information that should shape your planning and perhaps even your business model.