Sign of the times? Going online?

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  • Competition is tough in the sign business.
  • The pandemic is forcing a revision of business models.
  • Should your business model now extend your reach and include an online service?

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Ordering a sign on your e-commerce site

What about this for a business model addition for a sign shop. Imagine mulling over this idea . . . What if my shop offered signs online? We could include all the techniques and substrates we offer now. Maybe we can even expand our offering. We’ll have an e-commerce site for customers to order from anywhere in North America,

Sounds like a good idea? Take it a step further . . .  We could have them order online and offer next day shipping. They can create custom sings on our site or use one of the ready-made designs we offer with just few clicks. We will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Still sounds like a good idea? Well, it is, and sign shops are already doing it. For example, check out in California.