Signs of the times

The thumbnail version:

  • The pandemic has presented a whole new marketplace for sign printers
  • Roland DGA has confirmed what we’ve been saying for months
  • Is your shop participating?

The full version:

Of course we’re printing COVID signs!

As as been pointed out here ever since the pandemic began, new opportunities have presented themselves to the digital and graphics industry. I mean of course the various new signs that retailers and institutions in particular need to deal with social distancing and other matters related to COVID-19.

It should come as a surprise to nobody then that Sign Media Canada, quoting Jay Roberts of Roland DGA, would report: “The sign industry paradigm suddenly shifted to: we need this now. End -users quickly began generating large amounts of signage for closures, new business practices such as take-out only, and crowd management. These signs were vital to keeping companies in touch with their clients throughout the crisis and into the phases or reopening.”

So, here’s the question . . .  Is your shop getting its share of this bonanza?  If not, isn’t it time to get in on the opportunity?