I was at a community association meeting last night at which there was a discussion about ordering a sign from a particular sign shop in the area. It was mentioned that it was hard to find the sign shop though because it didn’t have a sign. Apparently the owner took the store sign down to replace a long time ago but still hadn’t got around to doing so.

This made me think of another sign shop in I came across in Lunenburg that not only had a proper sign above the storefront, but also a display of signs in the storefront window. The displayed signs were ones you’d never think of ordering unless you saw them, very much like the candy racks at the supermarket check-out counters, there were signs that suddenly seemed like a good idea.

The one that caught my eye was the “Chipmunk crossing” sign. Who’d think of ordering a gag sign like that? But when I saw it, $20 seemed like a reasonable outlay for a sign that suddenly struck me as a good idea. It was perfect for us because we have chipmunks that regularly cross the gravel country road at the end of our property. That was just one of many of the impulse-buying signs on display.

The two lessons from this are: (1) have a decent well-designed and printed sign above your sign shop; and (2), if you have a display window, website, portfolio or some other way of bringing your offerings to the attention of potential customers, perhaps a series of well thought out gag signs could add an extra revenue stream and draw customers in.