Signs people don’t know they need.

Awaiting gags.

A sign shop window in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia recently caught my attention. It displayed a number of signs one would never think of ordering but, like the candy racks at the supermarket check-out counters, it had stuff that suddenly seemed like a good idea.

The one that caught my eye was the “Chipmunk crossing” sign. Who’d think to order a gag sign like that, but when I saw it, $20 seemed like a reasonable outlay for a sign that suddenly struck me as a good idea. It was perfect for us because we have a chipmunk that regularly crosses the gravel country road at the end of our property to take peanuts from us.

The lesson from this is that if you have a display window, website, portfolio or some other way of bringing your offerings to the attention of potential customers, perhaps a series of well thought out gag signs could add an extra revenue stream.