Signs that don’t say anything

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  • Sign clients apparently need advice
  • You can make a valuable contribution

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This is not a new situation. In fact we’ve discussed it here before but it’s an important topic worth another visit.

A truck in the Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canadian Tire parking lot recently caught my eye. More precisely, the sign on the truck caught my eye, It was big and unmissable. It was just one word, apparently the name of a business. The word gave no clue as to the nature of the business and furthermore, I can’t remember the word. And therein lies the utter failure of the sign—it failed in its purpose

Can anyone doubt what this business does?

It’s obviously the fault of the business owner but it could also be the fault of the printer for not advising the customer that a sign that doesn’t say anything worthwhile is a waste of money. And this is not an isolated incident, so we have to ask, what’s the point of such a sign? And why is the sign industry failing to advise customers as to the purpose of a sign and why their sign is not meeting that purpose?

There’s an opportunity here for your sign shop to impress customers with some good, thoughtful advice.