Slaps created by the Roland team.

Slaps? Your Roland can produce them, so what are they?

Ben Fellowes, writing for the Roland website, says that “slap” is: ” . . . the term given to sticker art that goes beyond the realms of mere graphics and into an artistic world inhabited by mad creatures  and bizarre characters.” Apparently slap designs draw inspiration from graffiti, street art, tattoos, surfing, and skating.

Another feature of slaps is that the stickers are contour cut in any shape and size you can imagine — something your Roland printer/cutter can handle.

If you’re not producing slaps on your Roland equipment, perhaps you should be. Stickers are expected to be cool and in demand for a long time to come. They’re popular with bands, hip businesses, boarders, and people who slap them on their laptops and just about anything else they want to decorate. There’s bound to be a market for slaps in your neck of the woods—you just have to get out there and find it or, perhaps, create it.

Your Roland is ready and waiting . . .