So how “green” are we now?

We can’t do in the future what we did in the past.

Back in 2011, Denise Gustavson, writing online for PrintingNews ( in her article, “Signs of Sustainability”, addressed the “greening” of print service providers.

She asked what “green” means for an industry that uses chemicals and produces a high volume of disposable signage, some of which cannot enter the recycling stream. She interviewed and quoted several key members of the industry in her very thorough examination of the topic.

The gist of the article is that sustainability initiatives are a necessity for those shops wanting to demonstrate to their customers that they are ready to be partners in the growing call to action for a much more eco-friendly industry. But, in addition to that, it’s an obligation because, as is now evident, we cannot continue to pollute the earth as we have done in the past. The earth’s capacity to absorb the assault is dwindling fast.

Gustavson concludes her article by urging print service providers to implement a sustainability plan. Offering some incentive, she suggests that a sustainability plan can produce savings and therefore makes economic sense in addition to fulfilling an obligation to do business more responsibly.

This is well-written article on a very serious topic. But what troubles me about it is that nobody, not a single soul, took enough interest to add a comment in the “Voice your opinion!” space at the end. Nobody! I wonder what this says about the awareness in our industry about the all-important sustainability issue?

Does your sign shop have a sustainability plan? Do you care?