Some labels and decals are a waste of time and money

Labels, stickers, and decals shouldn’t have to be read like this.

Here’s something your label and decal customers should understand. Some apparently don’t, and it’s costing them.

An elderly family member recently received an innovative gift of candy made into an attractive package. Here’s the conversation that followed:

“Wow, that sounds like great idea! Who made it?”

“Hang on, I’ll tell you . .  there’s a sticker on the back . . .”

“Okay, just give me the store’s name and number.”

” I can’t see it. The print is too small. I’ll see if I can find my other glasses . . . ”

“Oh, never mind.”

A short, simple conversation with a big lesson for your customers — there’s no point to spending money on stickers, labels, and decals if they can’t readily be read. Not only is the cost of the sticker, label or decal wasted, but a business opportunity is lost. A double whammy!