Spice up your clients’ offices

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  • Décor influences productivity
  • You customers’ offices present an opportunity

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Studies show that office productivity is influenced by the décor. It seems that when some thought and effort is directed at installing attractive décor it boosts morale which in turn boosts productivity.

Designing office décor ideas.

This creates an opportunity for digital graphics shops to help transform their clients’ offices via tasteful and attractive wraps and decals from floors to ceilings and everything in between. The possibilities are endless. A search of industry literature of the past few years have plenty of examples for wall wraps, canvas artwork, floor decals, decals for windows and glass panels, filing cabinets, and even desks. And it doesn’t need to stop there—a recent example was a 15-ft diameter round ceiling wrap.

This may be an avenue worth pursuing with existing customers who may never have given a thought to what your shop can do to jazz up their décor.

Collaborating with an interior decorator my be a good idea if you don’t have the design expertise in house. Sometimes one has to take the initiative to generate additional revenue streams—this could be one of them.