It’s important to stay connected with your industry. I’m a great fan of industry journals for staying connected between trade shows. In this industry, Sign Media Canada, for instance, is essential reading. And it’s quite okay to flip through publications and only read the articles that appeal to you while avoiding the one’s that are of no interest. Even if you pick up just one tip, or one item of advice that can make your business better, it’s worth the trouble. Besides, if you’re not staying in touch with developments in the industry, how can you expect to compete in the long run?

So, for instance, Sign Media Canada’s February 2023 edition included a useful article about cold weather printing or, as they put it, “Selecting ideal print media for frigid temperatures.” You can’t run a graphics shop in Canada without this type of knowledge and you can’t acquire this type of knowledge without staying in touch with developments in the industry and information on the latest materials available.

And if you still need to be motivated to stay connected, just consider what will happen to your shop if you aren’t aware of the latest and greatest while your competitors are . . .  Yes, exactly!