Take this into account when calculating ROI on LED retrofits

Assess the site and costs properly before recommending retrofitting.

J. Bryan Vincent writing for Sigmedia.ca offers good advice on calculating the return on investment (ROI) on replacing fluorescent with LED in illuminated signs. Changing illuminated signs to LED is easier and more cost effective than ever, but one needs to understand the nature of the site in order to properly advise the customer on costs and ROI.

You should read the article but, in the meantime, here’s what you should take into account when costing a LED retrofit and before recommending it to your customer:

  1. Evaluate the site to determine how difficult it is going to be to service the area.
  2. Research code restrictions.  Some jurisdictions have restrictions applicable to new signage that also apply to retrofits.
  3. Gather maintenance data to determine likely ongoing maintenance costs.

There’s much more in the article. It’s well worth the read.