Taking the initiative with sandwich boards.

If individual pub owners can do it, why not a sign shop?

Sandwich boards are produced by pretty much every sign shop as one of many products. But it seems that sandwich boards are an art form on their own. There are elements to sandwich boards that are unlike other advertising mediums such as billboards, POP signs, banners, and even digital displays.

For one thing, sandwich boards employ, puns, humour, and even expletives to attract attention and convey a message. For another, they are most commonly used by restaurants, pubs, spas and other small businesses that strive to draw in passing foot traffic. In short, they have a purpose and character all of their own.

This makes one wonder why there aren’t sign shops that specialize in sandwich boards. They have so much potential for creativity. There are a ton of sandwich board graphics and text ideas on the internet which are bound to appeal to restaurant, pub, and coffee shop owners in particular. And once someone really puts their mind to it they’re bound to come up with eye-catching phrases, puns, and graphics not seen before. What about a concept whereby customers are offered printed sandwich boards that can be rotated, say, weekly.

There surely has to be a business idea here for an enterprising sign shop owner. looking for an edge in a competitive market.