Taking time out for training

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  • An emphasis on staff training has always been a good business strategy
  • Deliberate, planned, and scheduled sessions ensure that it happens

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I recently read an article written for the textile industry about staff issues, including training. One line in particular caught my attention as applicable to any kind of shop, sign shops included. The writer quoted a shop owner: “On Fridays, we don’t do any production; we do continuous training.”

Now, admittedly, most small shops can’t afford to shut down production for a day every week, but the concept of routinely setting aside some time for training makes sense. And it could be more than that too. It could be a time for also sharing the latest information coming out of equipment manufacturers about the equipment in your shop. It could be about new materials, and anything else that could make the shop more productive and a more interesting place to work.

I see plenty of upside and no downside in this idea. Think about what it could do for your shop at a cost of only, say, an hour a week.