Talking sandwich board. Why not?

Catching their attention.

My favourite coffee shop not far from where I live used to put a sandwich board out on the sidewalk with a different humorous quote each day. I found myself looking forward to seeing it every time I walked down the street; I would even purposely walk down that side of the street.

The owners of the neighbouring businesses must have thought the coffee shop sandwich board was a good idea as much as I did because soon they too put out sandwich boards to attract attention to their businesses. The result was that the solitary, easily noticed coffee shop board became just one among a number, thus making it less noticeable. Lately the coffee shop owner hasn’t been putting out her board at all. I understand the argument that while one board is noticeable, many are not. But what if she could make her sandwich board noticeable again?

A bright colour or eye-catching graphics might make the board stand out from it’s rivals but I doubt it – a sandwich board is a bit small for even bright colours to make it appealing to the eye. But what if it did something none of the others did and appealed to the ear? What if the board spoke to you when you walked by? Wouldn’t just a short message like, “Hey, we have a special on lattes today” or “Have you tried out French pastries?” get your attention?

How can a talking sandwich board not attract attention? All it needs is a motion detector, a speaker and a digital recorder.

Okay, so if a talking board is a bit way out there, what about one that perhaps lights up or in some other way attracts attention as you pass?

Sounds to me like a niche market for a creative sign shop. Think about it.