The best substrates for signs

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  • Substrates and what the best sign companies advise

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It’s interesting to take special note of signs of all types and notice how often customers seem to have been given bad advice or no advice at all by the printer. The elements of a bad sign that are most easily spotted are colour schemes, text size, font type, size, shape, and placement. But what about substrates?

Whereas the usual bad sign indicators listed above are immediately apparent, a poor substrate choice may not become apparent for some time, depending upon exposure to the elements and other ageing conditions.

So, how much of your shop’s customer-advice practice focuses on the substrate? How much time do you spend discussing the substrate aspects with a sign customer? Do your customers understand the pros and cons of acrylic versus aluminum composite material versus aluminum versus PVC versus corrugated plastic?

Deteriorating signs suggest that not all sign customers are getting the best advice.