The future and sustainability revisited

We have to pay much more attention to the sustainability in the future than we did in the past.

Three years ago I posted about an article by Denise Gustavson writing online for PrintingNews. She asked what “green” means for the sign industry that uses chemicals and produces a high volume of disposable signage.

Quoting from the original post: “The gist of the article is that sustainability initiatives are a necessity for those shops wanting to demonstrate to their customers that they are ready to be partners in the growing call to action for a much more eco-friendly industry. But, in addition to that, it’s an obligation because, as is now evident, we cannot continue to pollute the earth as we have done in the past. The earth’s capacity to absorb the assault is dwindling fast.”

Now, some years later, the question we need to ask ourselves about the industry generally and our individual shops specifically, is: How much have we progressed in implementing sustainability initiatives?

Well, how’s your shop doing?