The impact of COVID-19 and your mental health

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  • Business is stressful; COVID has compounded the stress
  • Do not neglect your mental health

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We’re all looking forward to the end of this pandemic that seems to be dragging on forever. And we’re all talking about how to survive now and how to prepare for the post-COVID period. But we should be talking more about another important topic that’s not addressed often enough—our mental health.

The impact of stress can creep up on one, particularly over a period of continual stress as has been endured by many business owners and managers over the past year. In my chapter, Healthcare Professional, in Characters Who Can Make or Break Your Small Business, I wrote, “Even among small business owners who handle stress quite well, there are those—particularly men—who are foolishly macho about their health and seek help from a healthcare professional long after they should have, if they seek it all. Don’t be one of those people.”

It’s as valid today as when I wrote it three years ago. Don’t be one of those people.