The impact of COVID-19 on your marketing plan

The thumbnail version:

  • COVID has changed customer behavior.
  • Your shop has to adapt.

The full version:

The customer has changed the way they want to do business and how they want us to supply them

BDC confirms that CVID-19 is having a significant impact on customer behavior. It requires that businesses recognize that online sales are trending sharply upwards and that customers’ preferences are changing. This requires an adaptation of marketing plans.

Quoting Martin Wiedenhof, BDC offers 5 adaptations to help businesses meet the challenges of this changing marketplace;

  1. Survey your customers to find out what you have to change to meet their changing demands.
  2. Create a revised sales forecast using the information gleaned from customers.
  3. Plan for a variety of scenarios such as fewer than anticipated sales or greater than anticipated sales.
  4. Revamp your marketing plan once you have worked through steps 1 to 3 above.
  5. Get online and be creative in finding ways to market.

There is obviously more to this topic than we can cover in this format, so you have homework to do. Many of us don’t readily embrace change, unfortunately though, we’ve reached a point where we have no choice but to react to the changing circumstances of the marketplace.

It was happening anyway, but COVID has given it impetus. Now we all have work to do.