The new Roland TrueVIS SG and VG printer/cutter machines

The new Roland TrueVIS SG machine.

Rob and Graham recently installed a Roland TrueVIs SG-300 for a customer in Ashmont, Alberta. It’s Roland’s newest machine and includes some interesting new features.

The SG is the 4-colour (CMYK) model and comes in two widths, 30 inches and 54 inches. The VG is the 8-colour model and comes in 54 inch and 64 inch widths. Roland says that the TrueVIS is the result of completely reimagining the technology. There are new print heads, new vibrant and cost-effective inks, new cutting technology, and new technology to communicate with your existing phones and tablets. In fact, as Roland puts it, the future of print/cut has arrived.

The most obvious change when you first see the TrueVIS is that the ink now comes in bladders that are inserted into cartridges. It’s a new ink technology designed to be more efficient and easier to handle than cartridges.

Want to know more? Rob (Stanley’s Edmonton) or Graham (Stanley’s, Calgary)  will be happy to tell you all about the Roland TrueVIS.