The shop-diversification trend continues

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  • Competition is the challenge
  • Diversification looks like an answer

The full version:

Diversification is still trending . . .

This is not the first time you’d have seen this topic raised here. And it likely won’t be the last because a lot of industry writing (magazine articles and blogs) repeatedly refers to what seems to be a trend.

The signs have been there for some time and if you don’t pay any attention to the diversification trend you may be sabotaging the future of your shop.

As Lisa Cross, Eve Padula, and Steve Urmano point out in their article, “New Avenues for Revenue Surfacing for Graphics Providers”, in Sign Media Canada’s magazine, “Increased competition has many firms looking to offer new products and services to bolster business from current customers while also attracting new ones, according to an ISA report.”

You have homework to do!