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  • Garment printing has been trending in the sign industry for some time now.
  • Proof lies in articles now appearing in sign industry media.
  • Time to think differently.

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The interest in direct-to-garment printing is accelerating. You can tell by the attention the concept is receiving in mainstream sign industry media nowadays. For instance, the November issue of Sign Media Magazine has a feature article on how sign shops are diversifying and adding garment printing for an additional income stream. And it’s not just about printing the odd T-shirt, it’s about offering prints on a wider range of clothing items, including jackets.

Direct-to-garment equipment has steadily become more sophisticated. For instance, at the recent Printing United Expo in Las Vegas, Bother showed an all-in-one DTG printer in the $600,000 range. I mention this just to illustrate how sophisticated DTG printing has become; that said, the average small Canadian sign shop is not likely to need anything more than Roland’s table-top DTG printer.

This is a trend that you probably shouldn’t ignore for much longer. Sign shops are diversifying. They’re thinking differently. You should at least consider the concept and keep an eye on the trend and your competitors. And ask Stanley’s about the Roland DTG printer.