Thinking of starting a home-based print shop? Think again!

The thumbnail version:

  • Starting a home-based business is not as easy as some writers will have you believe
  • Beware writers with a vested interest in selling you start-up equipment
  • Consult with Stanley’s about you home-based print shop ideas

The full version:

I think it’ll be nice to start a home-based sign printing business . . .

“4 Great Reasons to Start a Home based Business” was the title of a recent article presented as a series of well-designed graphics. It all looked very enticing and would have played well with any starry-eyed, blue-skying, naive, would-be, home-based print shop entrepreneur.

The truth is that starting a home-based business is not the plain-sailing, get-rich-quick experience this type of article would have you believe. A dead giveaway is that usually the writer has a vested interest in your naivete such as, for instance, selling you equipment.

An equipment supplier once told me that every time the economy took a downturn, he sold a lot of mug presses to people who planned to start a mug-decorating business in their basement. He also told me that he knew that usually after pressing just a few mugs the press ended up idle and gathering dust. For many would-be business owners, this is what happens.

Stanley’s doesn’t operate this way. This is why you should discuss your home-based printing business plan with them first so that they can make sure you have the right equipment and that you have the best possible chance of succeeding.

You also need to take advice on all aspects of business ownership; there’s probably a ton of things you haven’t considered. This isn’t to discourage you, it’s to urge you to be cautious and realistic.