Three things to consider for a successful resumption of “normal” business

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  • We may finally be getting close to business as “normal”
  • There are three things you must consider as you get ready for “normality”

The full version:

We’re at different stages of resuming “normal” business across the country. But as the vaccination numbers go up we should be anticipating returning to “normal” business. But this reminds us to remind you of something we pointed out last year when at one stage it appeared that we were getting closer to “normal” than it turns out we were:

You are going to need three key things to effect a successful reopening:

  1. Safety (social distancing, hand washing, masks, notices etc.);
  2. Liquidity (cash to operate); and
  3. Creativity (adjusting to and taking advantage of a changed way of doing business)

If you’re not sure how to deal with any or all of the above, seek advice. They’re all going to be important for your shops’ survival for at least the foreseeable future.