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  • In-person trade shows are back.
  • Eye-catching booth displays are make a difference.

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Trade shows provide a great opportunity to get a business noticed, be it yours or that of your customer for whom you’re designing and producing booth display material.

To give a booth the best possible opportunity to be noticed among the clamour for attention at a show, it has to be eye-catching. A well-designed and presented booth will attract the target audience with the right signage that may include floor graphics, retractable banners, murals, and point-of-purchase displays. Then of course once the type of display is agreed, design and colours become critical aspects.

In short, if you’re going to display at a show, it’s not just a case of throwing up some material in a booth and hoping it looks okay. It needs some careful thought about who you’re trying to attract and how you are going to do it. And this doesn’t only apply to your own booth, but also to that of customers who look to you for advice and display material. It’s reasonable to expect a sign shop to be an expert at this stuff.

You have homework to do.