Two second waves—one because of the other

The thumbnail version:

  • A second wave of COVID-19 has started
  • Floor signs are showing signs of wear and tear
  • Time to take advantage of an opportunity

The full version:

It seems that the much-feared second wave of COVID-19 is becoming a reality. This means that masks, hand-washing, disinfecting, and social distancing will be with us for some time yet.

Something else that will be with us for some time yet because of this are COVID-19 floor signs that tell us where to stand and which direction to walk. The wear and tear on many of the floor signs that came with the first COVID wave, suggest that a second wave of signs is becoming due.

If you missed out on the floor sign and decal wave the first time, why not see if you can get in on the second wave?

A tour of businesses and institutions with heavy foot traffic might be a good place to start. If you see worn, damaged, or peeling signs you might get lucky with a cold sales call. Your chances are even better if you can show that the first round of signs were deficient either as to design, material, printing, or application.

In this market sign shops will do better by going out and finding work rather than sitting around waiting for it.