I’ve always maintained that engaging with customers and sharing insightful information gives a shop an advantage over its competition. Its a form of added value. It’s a way of differentiating your shop from competitors

For instance, here is something in the insight category that you could bring to the attention of customers or potential customers. According to a survey conducted by FedEx a few of years ago, 76% of people enter a store or business based on its sign, and 52% of the public are deterred from entering a store or business if it has poor signage. There’s no reason to suppose that this doesn’t apply as much now as it did when the survey was done.

Here’s an excerpt of what you’ll find if you Google the survey: “The survey found that almost eight in 10 (76 percent) consumers enter a store they have never visited before based on its signs, and nearly seven in 10 (68 percent) have actually purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.

This can help clients understand that well-designed and well-crafted signs are not just a decorative nice-to-have, but a smart-business must-have.