Umbrellas and canopies

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  • Roland promotes some good business ideas via their website
  • Right now canopies and umbrellas are hot

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if you’re not checking in on the Roland site regularly, you should be. Roland is pretty good about posting printing ideas to boost your shop’s profitability. A recent such idea involves what they say is a lucrative product, particularly now in these COVID-019 times—umbrellas and canopies.

Image per Roland DGA

Restaurants, golf course, and other entertainment businesses are encouraging outdoor dining, drinking and gathering to comply with COVID regulations. This has increased the demand for umbrellas and canopies—something that’s expected to grow as the warmer weather arrives in Canada.

Regardless of the type of Roland equipment you have, you can participate in this market. Everything from vinyl graphics to dye sublimation have possibilities. You can add logos, custom patterns, messaging and personalized graphics to umbrellas and canopies.

Check out the possibilities on the Roland site.