Unlawful signage

Does your shop comply with sign regulations?

Is your shop meticulous about complying with regulations for proper positioning of signage?

Members of The Sign Association of Canada (SAC-ACE) are concerned about the the amount of unlawful signage. The problem is not a shortage of regulations in most jurisdictions, the problem appears to be inconsistent application of the rules and, in some cases, a lack of enforcement.

The problem of course is that those companies willing to take a chance on not being caught are able to cut corners, incur lower costs and under-bid law-abiding rivals. And it seems that there’s a fair chance they won’t be caught.

Here’s an example of how dodging regulations save costs. Some cities have introduced a requirement for land surveyor certification to ensure that signs are installed at appropriate distances and in accordance with permit applications. This sounds like one way to enforce regulations but there is of course a cost attached — apparently between $1,200 and $1,500. The SAC-ACE points out that, “sign companies willing to take the risk of not following the law can offer a cheaper product, faster.”

So the objective is to encourage proper regulation enforcement to level the playing field. But, realistically, there are always businesses willing to cut corners and offer their products at a lower cost than they would be able to do if they were conducting legitimate business.

The SAC-ACE encourages reporting of enforcement issues. Where does your shop stand on this?