Vehicle wrapping is still an expanding sector of the industry

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  • The demand for wrapping is growing
  • Advancements in material have made wraps easier to do

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Sign Media Magazine has published an update on the vehicle-wrapping sector of the industry; it’s well worth the read.

The demand for wraps is growing and it’s not confined to vehicles.

The bottom line is that it is still growing. As one printer is quoted as saying, “Even though most businesses have company vehicles, many still don’t wrap their vehicles to advertise their services.” I’d say that this provides a marketing opportunity.

Advances in materials have made it easier for installers. Pressure-sensitive adhesive vinyls are no longer so prone to trapping air bubbles, premature adhesion, and other installation problems of the past. In addition, they can now be removed quite easily leaving no damage to the original surface.

As you look to expand your shop’s offering, if you’re not already wrapping, it may be something you want to explore. In fact, nowadays wrapping is not limited to vehicles. Sign Media quotes one printer (wrapper?): “I travel all over the country wrapping cars, walls . . . all sorts of things. The market has really expanded over the past several years.”

What additional incentves do you need?