Vehicle wraps migrating from business to consumer

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  • Wraps for private vehicles are taking off

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The Roland website recently featured some incredible vehicle wraps. The idea was to celebrate the long way vehicle graphics have progressed in recent years. They’re more sophisticated and installed with greater efficiency than ever before.

Image per Roland DGA

Coincidentally, Sign Media Canada in a recent article titled, “A market the industry has just started to tap,” addresses this growing aspect of the sign industry as well. They define vehicle graphics as “the practice of supplying a specially designed vinyl-wrapping film directly to the painted surface of a vehicle. The purpose is to change the colour or appearance of the vehicle for personal preference or to display a commercial message.”

The point here is that whereas wraps were almost exclusively for commercial purposes, the upward growth of this aspect of the sign industry is due to consumers decorating their private vehicles. And while one might assume that a wrap could improve the appearance of an older beater with a deteriorating paint job, brand new, high end vehicle’s such as Alpha Romeos, Range Rovers, and Jaguars are being wrapped.

Is your sign shop on board with this new business opportunity? You have the Roland equipment. What’s holding you back?