Vinyl plotter film – monomeric or polymeric?

MACtac rolls

MACtac rolls

Stanley’s two most popular vinyl plotter films are MACtac’s MACal 8300 and MACal 9800. The question is, which to use in different circumstances? And why would that be something you’d care about? Well, price, for one thing.

The two films are different in their structure and features – this is what accounts for the price difference. Whereas both films are known as calendered vinyls, 8300 is  monomeric vinyl film whereas 9800 is a polymeric vinyl film. If you’re wondering why you should know this, I’d suggest that it’s helpful, if not essential, to know all there is to know about the materials best suited to different applications.

For instance, it’s useful to know why MACal 8300 can take care of less demanding applications and is best suited to short-term exterior and interior applications, whereas MACal 9800 is the preferred choice for outdoor applications. And, for some, knowing just this might be sufficient, but a serious professional will want to know the whys and wherefores.

Nest post we’ll explore more differences between the two MACtac films and consider some of the consequences of using the wrong film in certain applications. We’ll also explore what that curious word “calendered” means in film talk.