I find it amazing that I still see statistics that suggest that fully half of all small businesses do not have websites. Ask any online marketing or communication specialist and the answer will always be the same; every small business, in our case, every sign screen shop, should have a website. Period.

Even if your shop doesn’t do business online, a website lends it credibility. It’s where suppliers, lenders, investors, potential customers and other people who influence your business success go for information. By all means, participate in various social media platforms if they can be used to promote your business, but it’s ultimately a website that signals that you’re a business to be taken seriously.

For the most part, your site should reflect your business plan. And, of course, the overarching design consideration to be kept in mind is the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Design and maintenance is easy nowadays. With some design capability you can even design a site yourself with the help of templates.

Your shop simply can’t afford to not have a website. And the old expense excuse is no longer valid because nowadays an effective website can be built and hosted inexpensively.