What does it require?

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  • What goes into building a success story?
  • It starts with a vision and proceeds with certain principles

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It starts with a well-thought out vision.

So what does it require to take a sign shop from a kitchen-table operation to a 33,000 square foot facility? It takes a vision and a willingness to realize that vision.

In an interview with SignMedia Canada the following question was asked: “What makes your company unique?”

The answer . . . “The ability to adapt to changing trends, technology, and market shifts allows our company to be more than just a vendor to our clients. It enables us to be strategic partners where information is moved back and forth to make sure we provide maximum value and service.”

The rest of the discussion addresses topics such as quality and service, which have to of course be part of the operating principles if a business is to succeed.

The company is Sticky Media of Montreal. Check them out. Read the full interview. Be inspired.