When a major arterial historic road changes names

The thumbnail version:

  • Dundas Street in Toronto is having a name change
  • All kinds of signs are going to have to be reprinted
  • This could happen near you too

The full version:

Dundas Street in Toronto is going to have a name change. This means that a lot of stationery, cards, promotional materials and, most particularly in our case, signs are going to have to be reprinted.

One would guess that this is good news for sign shops in the GTA and perhaps beyond. The more aggressive shops will be vying for a piece of the action. What are you doing about it?

The name change is happening because Toronto City Council voted in favour of renaming Dundas Street in a bid to promote inclusion of marginalized communities. Similar sentiments are gaining momentum across the country and could well result in name changes in other centers with all kinds of signs affected. If this happens where you are, someone has to print the new signs, why not your shop?

Keep an eye open and an ear to the ground.